BLEEP — It’s not a curse word

If we are Facebook friends or if we follow one another on twitter, at the start of every other month you will see me send off links accompanied by a few !!!! and the words “proud” “check it out” and “Sic ‘em Bears.” But most certainly the word BLEEP was in there, too. It’s the title of a nearly one-year old digital magazine based out of New York that I have been contributing to for a few issues now.

Recently, the editor in chief (a Baylor and BU Student Publications alum) Ryan Brinson, asked me if I would like to take on more responsibilities on the web side of things– dealing with social media, the website and getting more people reading the magazine. After working on my website throughout the summer, I actually have really found a new hobby. I wish I had more time to dedicate to understanding all of the intricacies and what not, but at a very basic level, I have enjoyed maintaining my blog and website. At The Lariat, I really enjoyed using our paper’s social media outlets to inform people and I am interested to see how I can sharpen those skills when it comes to promoting and managing the online presence of an arts and culture magazine.

The blog post before this was about a concert I went to last week — and the whole time I couldn’t help but compare that band to what is happening over at BLEEP. A group of talented people, coming together for a common goal — entertain and enlighten people. BLEEP is a perfect name for this. Expression, uncensored, is featured on the pages of this magazine. As you flip through, you see face after face of aspiring actors, musicians and designers– all talented, all deserving a spotlight.

BLEEP is there to shed that light. To help the aspiring turn professional. To help the professional turn well-known. To help the reader stay informed. So, from here on out I am the Online Media Editor at BLEEP and will be much more active once I finish this semester abroad. I am looking forward to the new position a lot and I am hoping all of you will head over and give a few of the past magazines a read!

How to follow BLEEP:
Facebook: BLEEP Magazine

Twitter: @BLEEPmag


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